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Meet the people of Beyond

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We attract employees who are smart, fun and work well as a team member within our family culture. We are very proud of our work and love to celebrate the people that make it happen. 

Donovan face


Division: Insulation

Donavan is a true culture guy and a team player.  He has been with Beyond since 2020 and from the first minute has shown himself as a self starter, engaged and a relentless worker.  When asked what Dono likes about working with Beyond he says it’s the team culture and the family feel.


One of Dono’s highlight jobs was spraying a yurt.  Everything from getting the spray foam rig to the site, spraying the unique job and staying at a place where they had to stoke a fire to stay warm was super neat.  

Juan profile


Division: Roofing

Juan believes that every good company should have a ‘family feel’ and that is the number one reason why he loves working at Beyond.  Since early 2020 Juan has stepped in and stepped up as a leader at Beyond with his expertise, with equipment and hard work ethic.  

Although Juan has many ‘favorite’ jobs, the one that sticks out to him was a complete spray foam roof where he applied 3lb roofing foam at Mountain Creek Farms.  It was Juan’s first large roof that he sprayed primarily by himself and it turned out amazing.

Benji profile


Division: Thermal

Benji loves that as Beyond grows it just feels like a bigger family.  He also loves that his bosses never give up on him and have pushed him in the right direction.  What we love about Benji is he is striving for more and wants to become great at his role.

A highlight project for Benji was working on set design for Fraggle Rock (now showing on Apple TV).  He was able to cast his cares away, worries for another day and simply ‘let the music play’… down at Fraggle Rock!

Kris profile 1


Division: Thermal

Kris loves the mutual respect he see and feels daily at Beyond.  For him, it doesn’t matter if you’re an installer, CEO, estimator, CFO or operations, everyone is rowing in the same direction trying to hit common goals.  

Kris is a relentless human that loves to see the complete customer journey go well.  This is everything from how they find us to completing projects that meet everyone’s expectations.  His most memorable project is the Calgary Farmers Market which turned out amazing and thousands of people get to walk through it and see what Beyond has done.

Corey profile


Division: Thermal

Corey – It was the company culture that drew Corey to start working at Beyond and it is what made it his 2nd family.  From the 1st day everyone around Corey knew he would be a long term fit because his positive attitude and pursuit to make others around him great was apparent.  

Corey’s favorite project has been the Safeway Voila.  He loved seeing the team develop and grow together while working on this multi-modality project.

Rob profile


Division: Roofing

Rob, more than anything loves the energy and says it bounces off everyone.  There’s always laughter in the shop and on the job sites and that’s what keeps him working so hard. He also likes meeting all the new hires and working with the ones that fit our DNA. 

Rob’s favorite project was a huge roof tear off and reapply in Red Deer.  It was a project that other roofing companies couldn’t complete, but our crew were able to.  He also loved working on tv/movie sets, such as Heartland and Fraggle Rock.

Tia profile


Division: Thermal

Tia– It was an easy answer for Tia as she simply said, “the people are like a second family and I’m fortunate to work with them, they push me to grow and grow with me”.  

We love Tia because of her love for safety. She is key in making sure everyone gets home safe and she does it better than anyone.  Tia also was the main driver in our Beyond Awesome Onboarding Program.  If you want to learn more about this, you just have to apply!

Jacob profile


Division: Insulation

Jacob loves working at Beyond because we are able to give young people an opportunity to learn and grow.  He hopes to capitalize on this and earn a great living as he gets more experience.  

Jacob loves working on projects in the mountains.  Even when jobs can get stressful, the view makes it peaceful and enjoyable. 

Author: Kevin Boschee