Air Qulaity - Spray Foam

Helps Allergy Sufferers & Makes Your Home More Comfortable

Do you or your family suffer from allergies due to the pollen and dust that are so prevalent in western Canada? Make your home more comfortable with spray foam insulation. Given the amazing R Value and air barrier qualities of our foam insulation your home will not only maintain temperature better but also let in less dust, pollen and pollutants. What more, unlike traditional insulation, spray foam insulation does not draw in mold-causing moisture from outdoors. Asthmatics breathe easier and allergy sufferers can enjoy some relief.

With our spray foam’s ability to expand 20 – 30 times what it is in liquid form, it fills every crack and gap leaving an effective air tight seal. Unlike conventional fiberglass insulation you can rest assured that our spray foam insulation will never sag or gap after installation. Spray foam insulation stays in place and increases your home’s energy efficiency: something you will appreciate during the next cold Calgary winter.