Spray Foam Insulation – Industrial Applications

calgary industrial spray foam insulation - equipmentBeyond Foam Insulation offers superior results for your Industrial projects through spray on polyurethane foam. We can achieve both an air and moisture barrier with as little as 2″ applied. The foam sets up immediately and creates an air tight seal that cannot be achieved with batt, blown or blanket Insulation.

Industrial Spray Foam Insulation – Calgary & Area 
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Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea Coating can add strength and longevity to your projects. Our coating excel in the industry and are frequently used for secondary containment applications. Spray applied polyurea is often combined with a manufactured polyurea matting to provide a containment system that does not depend on seals and boots which are frequent fail points.

Beyond Foams Coating systems are also used in pressure vessels, rail containers and in situations where an environment is needed for potable water. Polyurea is used where epoxy coverings do not last. Coating the floors and surfaces of recreational facilities such as swimming pools will extend the life of the surface and help avoid costly shut downs.