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Beyond Insulation is a full-service insulation company that specializes in Spray Foam Insulation. We service most of Southern Alberta and take a lot of pride in the quality of our installs. We offer spray foam services for essentially any project and are very active in the residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial sectors. There is no project too big or too small.

We insulate many quonsets, shops and metal buildings every year with our 2lb closed cell spray foam product. Whether you are looking to heat the space or just want to reduce condensation build up, spray foam is the product for your quonset or shop. Beyond Insulation offers the highest quality of installs because we have the most experienced and highly trained crews. We also offer the best product guarantee in the industry. If you are considering spray foam for your metal building than Beyond Insulation should be your first call. 

Spray foam insulation is polyurethane plastic that is manufactured directly on the surface we are insulating. Because it is installed by spraying raw products onto the substrate, we can insulate buildings that have unusual shapes or styles like a corrugated quonset. The foam is a superior air and vapour barrier when compared to traditional insulations. Because of this, it acts as an exceptional seal to keep any heat you are paying for from escaping the building. The foam adheres directly to the metal (in some instances requiring a primer first) which also prevents any condensation from forming on the metal. How you plan on using and heating the building will dictate the depth of foam, or r value, required but most commonly we install 2” (R12) or 3” (R18). 

One of the ways that we, at Beyond Insulation, separate ourselves from the competition is through our elite in-house training program. When you choose Beyond for your projection, you can rest assured that you have a very experienced, knowledgeable installer completing the work. Not only does this give you the security of knowing it’s being done properly, but it also ensures projects are done on time and on budget. The price we quote on is the price we invoice. Most quonsets or shops take 2 or 3 days to complete depending on the size of the building, the amount of foam being installed, and preparation required. 

Beyond Insulation is also the leader in spray applied thermal barriers. Spray foam should be protected from UV light and should also have a 15-minute thermal barrier over the foam in the unlikely chance of a fire. Spray foam is not excessively flammable, but our product of choice has a high class 1 fire rating, and is above industry standard. Spray foam does produce a thick black smoke when a fire source is present, so we always recommend having a 15-minute thermal barrier installed over the foam to give occupants time to exit the building before smoke accumulates. This is also a requirement for building code.

Quonset and Shop Insulation FAQ

Q. I have heard stories of “bad spray foam” being installed into buildings around Calgary, is this something I should be concerned about?

A: It is possible for spray foam to be installed improperly which can cause damage to a building or create health risks. Although this is very uncommon, the cause is always installer error. Beyond Insulation takes pride in ensuring all our crews are very well equipped and trained properly to prevent this. We have not had this happen to us and have been the go-to choice for fixing “bad spray foam” that was installed incorrectly by others.

Q. When is the best time to have spray foam installed in my quonset or shop?

A: In the summer. With any spray foam product we have to be conscious of the temperature of the substrate we are spraying on to, as well as ensuring there is no moisture. The general rule of thumb is that we want the substrate to be -10 Celsius at the absolute coldest. Because we take so much pride in ensuring our installs are done correctly, we always recommend having the metal at a minimum of 0 Celsius. If the foam is sprayed when the metal is too cold, or when there is moisture present, then the foam will not adhere properly to the metal.

Q. What benefits are there from having spray foam installed by professionals, as opposed to buying the kits at the hardware store and doing it myself?

A: 2lb closed cell spray foam is only available to companies who have completed the required training to have it installed properly. Although, the kits are available at your local hardware store are often labelled as “spray foam” it’s very important to know that these products are not the same as commercial spray foam. We refer to the foam kits as “foam sealants”. They are intended for small gap fills, specifically around windows and doors. These products are not nearly as water resistant and can only be applied in a single layer. 

Beyond Insulation, we are your spray foam insulation experts. We complete our work on time, on budget and most importantly exactly as was agreed upon with our clients. We stand firmly behind our work and have a strong following of clients who will recommend our services. If you are considering Spray foam for your metal Quonset, please call and book you free on-site consultation today.

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Author: Kevin Boschee