How we Started

We often get asked why or how we got into spray foam insulation. That’s easy: we saw it on TV and thought we could do it! Well, that’s a bit of a stretch – but not totally inaccurate.

Curt Janzen
In 2000, Curt Janzen (co-owner) was working for a home builder doing site superintendent duties. One of the upgrades that was done on every home was a rim joist* insulation package. To insulate the rim joist we would first install a fiberglass batt. From there we would custom cut SM Styrofoam to fit every pocket. When this was complete, he would then acoustical seal each Styrofoam panel to the wood that was around it to ensure there was no air leakage. As you can imagine, this was a very tedious and time-consuming process for such a small area of the home. It didn’t take long for Curt to wonder if there was a better way or material to use to insulate these tough areas.

A while later Curt moved to Calgary to start a contracting business. In his projects, he often used spray foam insulation. There were 2 problems with this when he started. One, there were very few contractors that were doing this work and even less that had any type of experience. Secondly, they wanted a minimum of $1500 just for showing up at the job site. So, these factors compelled Curt to ask his brother-in-law, Kevin Boschee, if he wanted to team up and start Beyond Foam Insulation Ltd.

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Curt Janzen

Owner & Director

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Kevin Boschee

Owner & Director

From Humble Beginnings to Leading the Industry

Kevin Boschee
Kevin was a Registered Social Worker and was working with youth that had social and emotional issues. After many years of working with youth in the social services field, he needed a change of vocation. Kevin had almost completed his RCMP application and was close to starting his training. After some consideration, he decided that staying in Calgary and starting an insulation business was a better choice for his family. So, from humble beginnings (working out of Curt’s garage) Beyond Foam made its start in Calgary.

During the first year Curt and Kevin worked hard at learning both the art and the science of installing foam while defining their roles in the company. It became clear that Kevin excelled at the books, organizing the schedule and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. Curt, on the other hand, was able to use his contacts in the industry to build strong business relationships. Today the roles are clear and Curt finds the business while Kevin runs it, with the two personalities working well together.

These are the guys you can trust to do a good job…

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Our People

We attract employees who are smart, fun and work well as a team member within our family culture. We are very proud of our work and love to celebrate the people that make it happen. We love making our employees happy, and here is proof! Meet the people of Beyond

Author: Kevin Boschee