About Us

We often get asked why or how we got into spray foam insulation. That’s easy: we saw it on TV and thought we could do it! Well, that’s a bit of a stretch – but not totally inaccurate.

In 2000 Curt Janzen (co-owner) was working for a home builder doing site superintendent duties. One of the upgrades that was done on every home was a rim joist* insulation package. To insulate the rim joist we would first install a fiberglass batt. From there we would custom cut SM Styrofoam to fit every pocket. When this was complete, he would then acoustical seal each Styrofoam panel to the wood that was around it to ensure there was no air leakage. As you can imagine, this was a very tedious and time consuming process for such a small area of the home. It didn’t take long for Curt to wonder if there was a better way or material to use to insulate these tough areas.

A while later Curt moved to Calgary to start a contracting business. In his projects, he often used spray foam insulation. There were 2 problems with this when he started. One, there were very few contractors that were doing this work and even less that had any type of experience. Secondly, they wanted a minimum of $1500 just for showing up at the job site. So, these factors impelled Curt to ask his brother-in-law, Kevin Boschee, if he wanted to team up and start Beyond Foam Insulation Ltd.

Kevin was a Registered Social Worker and was working with youth that had social and emotional issues. After many years of working with youth in the social services field, he needed a change of vocation. Kevin had almost completed his RCMP application and was close to starting his training. After some consideration he decided that staying in Calgary and starting an insulation business was a better choice for his family.

So, from humble beginnings (working out of Curt’s garage) Beyond Foam made its start in Calgary. During the first year Curt and Kevin worked hard at learning both the art and the science of installing foam while defining their roles in the company. It became clear that Kevin excelled at the books, organizing the schedule and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. Curt, on the other hand, was able to use his contacts in the industry to build strong business relationships. Today the roles are clear and Curt finds the business while Kevin runs it, with the two personalities working well together.

With their desire to provide the best finished product possible, they needed to find the best spray foam to install. In doing the research they found BASF and their Walltite* product. There were many things that impressed them about BASF and made it the obvious choice for Beyond Foam Insulation.

Walltite was a locally produced product as BASF had a plant in Blackie, Alberta. Having local support was beneficial as we received a lot of support with sales, quality control and receiving technical answers from BASF’s chemists. We leaned on them heavily as we started the company and without the support from BASF, we would not be as strong today.

BASF also had the best quality assurance program of anyone in the industry. When Beyond Foam initially asked to purchase their product, the answer was “No”. The reason BASF first rejected selling to Beyond Foam was because they did not want companies installing foam that would not do a good job. It took us a while to convince BASF that we were going to be able to market and represent them well. At that time, we were able to take their training program and order product.
BASF not only trains all the installers, they also do site visits with a quality assurance tech from their company. As well, BASF also sends an independent third party engineering firm, Morrison Hershfield*, to ensure the installers know exactly what they are doing in the field. There is not another manufacturer in the industry that is as detailed in reporting as BASF, which is great to know for the end user.

Beyond Foam was impressed with BASF’s FOAMMASTER® program. This was a program of excellence in the industry and as of 2013 there are only 5 companies in Western Canada that have achieved this. To get into the FOAMMASTER® program the company had to be up-to-date with every daily worksheet, have a good standing with clients and needed to have ordered a significant amount of material. Proudly, after 2 years of being in the industry, Beyond Foam had achieved the FOAMMASTER® status becoming the fastest company in Calgary and Western Canada to be given this elite distinction.

As a FOAMMASTER® ,Beyond Foam can proudly say that we are endorsed by Mike Holmes (of “Holmes on Homes” and “Holmes Inspections” on HGTV). Mike Holmes is a trusted name helping homeowners find the right guys for the job. We feel our standards meet up with his, and find that aligning his brand with our company name is a great fit.
From 2006 to today the story of Beyond Foam Insulation has continued to get bigger. With a system of hiring the right guys, building the right type of equipment, and the constant pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction, we continue to grow. We pride ourselves on post-site checks of jobs to ensure accuracy, and firmly believe our Support program leads the Calgary spray foam industry.