Giving Back

It's part of our DNA

Our Values Go Beyond Great Service

Here at Beyond, we are privileged and proud to give back to the communities that give so much to us all. Giving back is part of our DNA – it’s an integral part of who we are and our values – and there is no end to the creative and impactful ways our people have shown up for their communities.

We believe: 

  • that if we have the opportunity and the means, we are responsible to give back to help build a better future for our community and beyond
  • in partnering and building relationships to bring a brighter world to life for those who need it
  • in extending our sense of leadership to the communities in which we live and work
  • in empowering and educating our employees on the importance of giving back to the community

We value people who share our work ethic and beliefs—we like to hire them too.

The Hospital Activity Book for Children

With many of us here at Beyond having small kids, supporting this cause is dear to our hearts. The activity books are a free gift to children in hospitals and are packed full of games, puzzles, coloring pages, and word searches. Not only are the books created to bring joy, but also have some educational pages as well. We want children who are going through traumatic situations to know that their doctors, nurses, and social workers are there to help them and keep them safe. It’s a small gift but it makes a big difference to the kids by brightening their day. 

To donate to The Hospital Activity Book for Children please visit:

Activity Book 1

Supporting the Baja Community

Impacting the people around us is of high value at Beyond. It doesn’t matter if you live next door or in Mexico, we want to build things that make a difference in people’s lives. In this video you see the Beyond Family building a home for some great, courageous people. The people who we are building for are the heroes in this story. They moved hundreds of miles to try and find a better life for themselves and their 3 boys. They worked hard, saved and were able to get a loan on some land. From there Beyond was able to come alongside them and help build their dream home. It’s a touching story with lots of emotion.

To go to Baja and make a difference with your group, visit Baja Bound Builds at or visit their website at

Home For Heroes

Beyond Group teams up with Atco and Huntsman to help build homes for veterans who need a hand getting back on a better path in life. Their mission is to integrate all our homeless military veterans into the community through the provision of housing and support services across Canada.  Together, we can end homelessness among Canada’s veterans.

To donate to Homes for Heroes please visit:

Spray Foam Industry Comes Together to Make a Job Right

A bad apple doesn’t need to spoil the bunch. This job went horribly wrong and the industry stood up and said they would fix it for the client at no cost. Industry professionals partnered up to share the workload to do the right thing and make it right. It turned out great but only because of the hard working people who showed up to help.

Concrete Lifting Project for Ronald McDonald House Calgary

The Ronald McDonald House in Calgary is a great organization and we’re so proud to support them by lifting the concrete on their walkways to create a safe space for their employees, patrons and volunteers. The product we use is a polyurethane foam that we inject under the concrete through small strategically placed holes. We spray the foam to lift the sinking sections of the walkways, putting them back the way they were intended to be— safe walking areas.

To donate to Ronald McDonald House please visit:

Author: Kevin Boschee