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Ensuring the job gets done right

There are many steps in ensuring a quality product is installed and exceptional service is provided. To break it down, we start with a customized quote to your exact needs. Your project deserves an on-site consult. There are always different options for your project, and it is our job to assist you in the decision making process. Next you need the best trained staff in the industry. Our staff go through a detailed training process, which takes them one step at a time, increasing responsibilities only after they have mastered the previous ones. It takes hundreds of hours in training before qualifying for our lead sprayer role.

All sprayers are trained through a Quality Assurance Program. During this course they are tested on all aspects of the spray foam industry. Upon completion of the course, they are inspected by a third party engineering firm, for spaying quality, safety, and foam testing. Beyond Foam also strives to have the best equipment, ensuring a quality product.

Part of our proprietary support program involves visits to your site, both before the job and after the job is completed. The inspection before our installers arrive is to be sure the scope of work is understood and all questions are answered. After the installation, the job is inspected to ensure quality of work.

When it comes to cost, Beyond Foam is committed to balancing performance with budget. Finding the best solution for your budget is of great importance to us. When the quote is completed we want you to feel your needs were best served by Beyond Foam Insulation.

Beyond Foam’s Support Program is also intended to educate you. We have made it our mission to be the premiere educators of spray foam in the Calgary area. This includes being a keynote speaker at the EcoLiving Fair at SAIT, working trade shows, providing extensive information on our web site, and on-site education. It is in our DNA to help you feel confident in your decision to use Beyond Foam Insulation. There is no such thing as too many questions… we are more than happy to answer any that you may have.

“…The job was done seamlessly and we were kept well informed through the entire process.”
A. Gummo

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Author: Kevin Boschee