Beyond Foam Commercial Calgary uses a variety of fireproofing materials to meet the needs of our commercial contractors. Our management and staff are highly trained to educate our customers on which product is best suited for their specific applications on commercial projects.

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Hibar is a mineral fibre fireproofing product and is one of the most cost effective fireproofing products to use where a fire rating is required and can be used for most commercial fireproofing applications such as deck / roof assemblies and walls. Although it has some air erosion and may not be suitable for all roof / deck assemblies where the ceiling space is used as an air plenum without the use of a sealer, Hibar provides NRC and R value which makes it an excellent choice for walls and areas that require thermal & sound ratings that also require a fire rating.

Monokote MK6HY is a standard density gypsum based fireproofing and is one of the most popular fireproofing products used in the commercial industry. When used with the Monokote accelerator it has a quick set finish and maximizes the yield of the Monokote MK6HY which provides a durable cost effective fireproofing application.

Monokote Z106HY is a medium density fireproofing cementitious fireproofing product. Z106HY is a Cementitious Fireproofing hard Portland cement based product suitable for interior exposed applications where high humidity and resistance to abrasion is required such as mechanical rooms, stairwells, parking garages, gymnasium & pools.


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