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Icon Set 01The two types of spray foam typically used in homes are closed cell and open cell spray foam.

Developed by Otto Bayer, Polyurethanes have been around since the 1930s. From the mattress in your bedroom to the dash of your car, polyurethanes have shaped the world we live in. Spray Foam Insulation is just another example where polyurethanes are impacting our lives.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation has a very high r-value rating per thickness of applied material. This makes the product especially useful in 2×4 wall cavities where an R20 can be achieved. This type of foam is typically installed in walls, attics, cantilevers and rim joists of your home or garage. The other benefit of closed cell spray foam is the air tight seal it achieves, and its resistance to water vapor. Closed Cell Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam is an investment that will not only protect your home against air pollutants and mold, but will also provide a financial return in the energy savings it creates for your home. Please browse our FAQ or call one of our insulation experts to day to learn more about spray foam insulation.


Did you know that Closed Cell Spray Foam adds huge structural value to your building. The strong rigid foam increases the “shear strength” of a 2×4 walls cavity by 300%. In some areas, closed cell foam has been used in roof applications to mitigate the risk of the roof lifting during a tornado. With the added structural value, air tight seal, increased rvalue per inch and mold resistance, closed cell spray foam becomes the intelligent choice for your building. With the new NECB Energy code in Calgary, spray foam insulation is able to help meet and exceed new standards.

Open Cell Spray Foam is often used in tight or difficult to reach areas because of its high expanding properties. At 100X its liquid form, open cell spray foam expands to fill tight Rim Joists and other challenging areas. Open Cell Spray Foam is roughly half the R-value of closed cell foams and does not perform as a vapor barrier. Please browse our FAQ or call one of our insulation experts to day to learn more about spray foam insulation.

“I chose to go with the hybrid system… gets your R value up without the high cost…”

Brian Dale, Home Owner

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Author: Kevin Boschee