Bandit Soil Treatment

Is a single component soil treatment resin used for binding and stabilizing loose and granular soils.

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Bandit is a single component soil treatment resin used for binding and stabilizing loose and granular soils.  Bandit is easy-to-use, safe for the environment, and cures in about 24 hours. 

Bandit can be used for jobs of all sizes. For smaller projects, Bandit can be applied using the supplied pouring applicator which is easy to clean after use, and is reusable. 

For larger projects, backpack sprayers are commonly used for application, which can be purchased from most hardware stores. Bandit is sold in either 5 gallon pourable jugs or 250 gallon totes. No job is too big, or too small for this product.

Bandit backpack sprayer and jug applications
Bandit Before and after pothole

Bandit can be used for weed control around utility boxes, gates and fire hydrants.  It can also be used to fill potholes on pathways and roads.  Bandit can even be used for slopes on drainage ditches or any sloped areas you want, to keep them weed-free and bound together. One of our clients calls Bandit, ‘the new duct tape’ because we are not sure if we will ever figure out all of its uses.

Bandit is poured onto sand or materials as large as pea gravel, after the area has been tamped. After installing Bandit, extreme heat, extreme cold, wind, rain, snow, etc will not affect it.  Bandit stands up to the elements making it great for dust suppression as well.

Depending on the amount of Bandit that is applied per sq. ft. and the type of granular material being used, the compressive strength will vary.  Bandit was lab tested using smaller ‘pea gravel’, with 10 oz per sq ft. being applied; the compressive strength was an astonishing 11.8 MPA.  

Note: 10 MPA concrete is commonly used for patios and walkways.


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Bandit Before and after hatch

“We have been looking for a product like this for a long time. The cost savings for our little community will be huge.”

Maintenance Foreman,
Small Town, Saskatchewan


“Bandit is like the new duct tape, I’m not sure we will ever figure out all of its uses.”


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