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We provide thermal camera scans in Calgary & surrounding areas.

Thermal ScanThermal Camera Scans​

Non-destructive analysis is a huge factor in making changes to your building envelope without spending a lot of money. Beyond Foam’s commitment to improving the process of building maintenance has led us to doing Thermal Scan work.

It’s a misnomer that we can see through walls with the thermal camera but what we do see can tell a story that helps solve many problems. The thermal camera shows the energy that is being released from an object. With this we can see changes in temperature and moisture based on what is around it. Customers have found it useful to have us do a scan prior to a renovation which helps in knowing what areas are of most concern. Beyond Foam has also used the camera to find covered heat lines, track in-slab heating in concrete and detect moisture leaks in walls and floors.

Included in a whole house spray foam package, Beyond Foam will do a full thermal scan after the foam work is complete. With this knowledge, you have peace of mind that the job was done right and your building envelope is as it should be.

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