Deep Foam Injection

Stabilizing soil by deep foam injection.

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A Natural Next Step

Beyond Lifting was formed as an expansion division of the Beyond Group of Companies. Beyond Foam Insulation and its group was already using polyurethane foams to insulate, soundproof and provide fireproofing in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It was a natural next step for lifting/levelling concrete slabs and for soil stabilization by deep foam injection. Whether it be as small as a walkway or a large warehouse floor, no job is too large or too small.

More recently the expansion has continued with the addition of Fillfoam. Fillfoam is used for filling void spaces, whether man-made or created by mother nature, while minimizing the impact on the local surroundings and the environment. Although widely used in Europe and the US, this system is the first of its kind in Alberta and only the second system to be used in Canada.

The Beyond Group of Companies has a proven track record in the Calgary area for installing a variety of foam products in a number of different applications and we are rapidly expanding out into rural areas of Southern Alberta. We are leaders in the fields of spray foam insulation, spray-applied roofing systems, soundproofing and fireproofing. We are expanding our tool belt with the additions of concrete lifting, soil stabilization and void space filling using foam. We are considered a cutting-edge company in the industry.

Soil Stabilization Solution

Taking polyurethane foam injections to the next level (beyond void filling and raising concrete slabs) involves injecting a high-density foam with hydrophobic properties into weak and wet soil conditions. This process is called Deep Foam Injection (DFI) and is the ideal solution for soil stabilization.

What happens if the ground is too unstable to pour concrete or causes roads and highways to rapidly deteriorate? Can weak soils invite water and hold it until it freezes in the colder months and cause frost heaving? What can be done about ground on a slope that can erode away? All questions that can have concerning answers.  A better question is what can be done about it?

Deep Foam Injection is a fantastic solution to remedy these situations. The process can initially begin with an assessment of the general area using a dynamic cone penetrometer test to locate where and at what depths the weak soils are observed. The next step involves driving rods through the concrete and/or into the soil at the depths where soil repair is required. The high-density foam is then injected and flows through the weak soil, taking the path of least resistance. As the material spreads, it begins to expand forming a tree root-like structure. This effectively compacts the soil from within and binds loose soils to create a long-lasting solidified subbase.  

Rods are then pulled from the ground and concrete holes are patched. No need for excavating, backfilling, and compaction from the surface. The soil has been stabilized and support has been re-established for concrete slabs, structures, roadways, retaining walls, and more!

Video: ECO performing DFI for a rail line.

Video: HMI, Deep Foamjection

Author: Kevin Boschee