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Polyurethane Bonded Aggregate

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Polyurethane Bonded Aggregate

Rock Glue is Polyurethane Bonded Aggregate. PBA is an innovative method of bonding mineral aggregate together by using a polyurethane adhesive. Individual crushed stones are fixed together only at their contact points, resulting in a very open structure.

  • PBA is innovative solution developed for shoreline protection and erosion control
  • Stone fixed together at contact points with polyurethane
  • Structure is a 3-dimensionally stable structure that is:
    1. open porous
    2. erosion-resistant
    3. environmentally sound

Main Applications

– Culvert and Drainage Pond Application

– Railway Ballast Maintenance

– Erosion Control Application

– For Large Scale Applications

Rock Glue is optimal for your large scale applications only. If you are looking for a solution to your small scale application projects, like residential pathways and uses around your home, please checkout Bandit Soil Treatment

Railway Ballast Maintenance

Rail track and Ballast perspective

Rock Glue, simply, is a plural component urethane that binds together ballast or rock.  It was created to save time and money by solving many instances of rock scattering.

There are many great use applications for Rock Glue, but the most common application would be for treating railway ballast on lines and spurs.  With trains continually running and parking on these lines the ballast vibrates and starts to spread the rocks over time.  When this happens extra pressure is put on the railway ties and rails.  With continued pressure, this will cause the ties to fracture and sagging in the track line itself, thus compromising the integrity of the line.  Because safety is so important, this inevitable issue can not be left untreated.  

With the application of Rock Glue, the ballast is bound together and will not vibrate and scatter or start to sag since it all intact like the day it was set.  This keeps the rail ties where they should be and the track solid.  For spur owners there is massive cost savings with this application.  Typically every 5-10 years spurs need to be serviced and repaired.  While the maintenance cost is large, the cost to shut down operations due to track failure is even bigger.  With Rock Glue we can double the normal life, or more, of the spur which passes on huge savings for the customer in time. 

Ballast movement illustration

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Erosion Control Application

Rock Shower illustration

Because Rock Glue is resistant to erosion and is environmentally sound, it has many other great application uses, such as  sea walls, drainage ditches, canal walls, and culverts to  name just a few.  

The Rock Glue material coats the rock and drips down to encompass the rocks below it creating a stalactite look.  Each rock is then holding onto the rocks around it, which creates stability.  The urethane component of the material is still one of the best known adhesives to mankind ensuring a strong hold, while leaving a space for air and water to pass through.  

The advantage of this is moisture can simply pass through.  One would not need to worry about frost heaves as there is no place for water to be trapped and pool.  This moisture could be salt water or clean water as neither of them would have an effect on the product.

Installation for this product is done two distinct ways.  For topical applications a mobile crew is on site with a self contained system.  They simply spray the Rock Glue from our plural component equipment with our spray guns letting pressure and gravity move the product down the rock.  The other way is to mix the material in a drum with the ballast and then lay the rock down like one would do concrete.  While wet it would be smoothed to the desired look and left to cure.

Drainage culvert

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