What is FillFoam?

FillFoam is a pre-expanded resin blown foam that is pumped at full volume and is ideal for filling voids of any size, this high density foam is both UV and Hydro insensitive. Without the bi-product of heat, FillFoam is a safe and fast way to fill voids and cavities quickly and with limited access. Void spaces filled with FillFoam will deter unwanted critters from setting up their home inside yours. Beyond its excellent properties for void space filling, FillFoam can also be used for Deep Foam Injection, a process used for soil stabilization.

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FillFoam Benefits

  • No heat is produced during installation
  • Material can flow great distances
  • Large quantities of foam can be installed very quickly
  • Material is pumped at full volume, no restrictions or limits to expansion
  • Hydro Insensitive and UV Insensitive
  • FillFoam has a life expectancy of 490 years
  • Increases bearing capacity of soils
  • FillFoam will not change shape, erode or become overburdened by water
  • FillFoam will cure in water
  • Lightweight
  • Variable densities on demand on site
    • 10-50 PSI
    • 4lb/ft3-15lb/ft3
  • Can weigh as little as 3% the weight of water
  • Combination of open and closed cells
  • 30% closed cell content. Remaining 70% is open cell
  • Pass or absorb water overburdening the soils
  • Minimize effects of frost heave 
  • Buoyancy is balanced with the weight of absorbed water
  • FillFoam is very elastic. It can absorb shock and movement, excellent in seismic zones
  • Clean up foam and equipment with water
  • Foam can be removed or excavated and recycled as needed

FillFoam Applications

  • Void/Cavity Filling (any size)
  • Fill in or Around Pipes
  • Decommissioned Mine Shafts
  • Wells
  • Seawall Repair
  • Pipe and Tank Abandonment
  • Decommission and Tank Removal
  • Deep Foam Injection Soil Stabilization
  • Increase Load Bearing Capacity
  • Backfill Along Foundations
  • Sinkhole Repair
…and more
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Environmental Impact

FillFoam is an organic material that is a resin blown foam.  The final product is created by the resin reacting with the hardener.  When properly mixed and installed, all of the components of the resin are reacted with the hardener leaving only water as a bi-product. Cured FillFoam is nitrogen rich and harmless to the environment. Nitrogen is non-toxic, 78% of the air we breathe contains nitrogen.

FillFoam is widely used in the agricultural industry to grow plants. FillFoam is not only environmentally friendly, but can provide soils with nutrients and water better than soil alone.

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Author: Kevin Boschee