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Since 2006 it has been the Beyond Group of Company’s goal to be leaders in the Calgary Construction Industry. This has led the company to grow both in the insulation field as well as branch out into other modalities that can serve the community.

Concrete slab lifting has been around for a long time but the introduction of using foam to lift concrete is a game-changer. In the past, there was just one option which was injecting a sand-based grout under the slab to lift it. This is known as Mud Jacking. Now we have a better option, polyurethane foam. Because of Beyond Foam’s expertise in using the equipment and understanding the chemical aspect of polyurethane, the move to slab lifting was an easy choice. Beyond Lifting was born.

Concrete Lifting installation

Crews lifting a driveway back flush with the garage pad.

Unsafe Outdoor Living Space

Uneven concrete walkways and pads devalues your largest investment, your home, but most importantly, it creates an unsafe outdoor living space with trip hazards. It is our goal to make safe and happy people

Everyone deserves to live and walk around safely, so if you feel your property needs attention, please have us come and assess your concrete concern. See our before and after gallery.

Why does concrete become uneven?

As most of us know, ground will settle, especially around foundations of homes, as it can take many years for the soil to become fully compacted.  With new building standards, this ground is typically not compacted sufficiently before sidewalks, driveways and patios are installed. The issue with this is, after the ground compacts due to natural weight over time and concrete pads will start to sink with it. Natural underground springs and poor drainage can also lead to misplaced soil causing voids and settling issues.

At Beyond Lifting we use special foam products that can either lift the sunken concrete or, if possible, void fill under the pad before it sinks and causes issues.  

Our Process

Having this work done is a simple process for both us and the property owner. 

  1. For our first visit to your property, one of our professional concrete technicians assess your project, taking both photos and measurements for an accurate quote.
  2. After we gather all the information, we will then email you an accurate quote.
  3. After accepting our quote through our online portal or email us back, we can then schedule your job. 
  4. Our professional installers will come and lift the pad making your property safe and wonderful again. It is as easy as that! 

To get started, please request a quote by filling out your information in the form below and we will reach out to schedule you in.

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Before and After

Driveway Lift Levelled to Garage Pad
Steps Levelled from Settled Ground
Driveway Levelled to Sidewalk
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Concrete Lifting – Calgary & Area

Beyond Foam
Residential & Commercial Concrete Lifting
We utilize polyurethane lifting foam
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Concrete Lifting Project for Ronald McDonald House Calgary.

Outdoor Pool Made Safe
Building Entrance Levelled Made Safe
Garage Pad Repair
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Our Goal 

When you call Beyond Lifting to inspect your concrete issue, our goal is to create a safe place and a happy person.

Knowing the usages and limitations of foam is what differentiates the good slab lifting companies from the bad ones. There is a lot that goes into understanding the mechanical aspects and the foam make up. A bad mix and/or improper install can make an uneven concrete pad even worse. When trying to figure out the right company to pick for this type of work make sure they know how every component of the slab lifting trade works, not just the moving of concrete.

There can be multiple reasons why a concrete slab or pad has sunken or shifted. These could include an improper prep of the base prior to the install of the concrete, water erosion or heavy loads compressing it down. We have even seen problems because of animals tunneling under the concrete. Whatever the reason is for the problem our polyurethane lifting solution can help.

We are often asked why we don’t do the old way of lifting concrete with grout. There are a few different reasons. The first one is the weight of the product itself. A cubic foot of grout weighs approx. 108lbs. A standard lifting foam only weighs 4lbs a cubic foot- a significant difference. If the soil already had issues due to compression, then putting that much more weight on the soil could increase the sinking/settling issues.P

 Another reason why grout is not the best is because of the chance of erosion. While the sand-based material can wash away over time, our foam product becomes hard quickly and will not be moved by water at all. The use of foam also helps in the aesthetics of the job. While the old grout would need typically 1-5/8” hole to inject the material, the foaming process only requires a hole the size of a dime or 5/8”. The finished appearance is much nicer with the smaller holes. As you can probably tell, we are fans of the foam product. It is also quicker to install, cleaner when done and won’t freeze in our amazing Alberta climate. It’s the best method to lift and level concrete.

When you call Beyond Lifting to inspect your concrete problem it is our goal to create a safe place and a happy person. We will educate you on the different types of foam that we can use and let you know what is best for your project. Since there are numerous types of foam it is never a one size fits all. We can use a 4lb foam where needed for slightly higher traffic areas or where more control is needed or a 6lb foam for heavy equipment and joint stabilization. From pool decks to bridge approaches, medians to stairs; from sidewalks to garage pads, it can be lifted and brought back to its original grade. Whatever your need Beyond Lifting has a solution that can work for you.

To learn more about what concrete lifting can do for you, download our informational booklet.

Concrete Lifting – Calgary & Area
Beyond Foam
Residential & Commercial Concrete Lifting
We utilize polyurethane lifting foam
Calgary & Area – Free Concrete Lifting Quotes

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Author: Kevin Boschee