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Before you do renovations in an older home, stop and think about what may be in the home for materials.

What you need to know about asbestos removal in Calgary

Asbestos is a material that was mined in Libby, Montana and added to products as a binding agent in many construction materials until about 1990. Asbestos was later discovered to be cancer-causing, and is no longer allowed to be used in any building materials in Canada.

Asbestos becomes dangerous when airborne, typically when renovating an older home. Affected materials may include:

  • window caulking
  • paint
  • parging
  • stucco
  • asphalt
  • drywall joint compound or stipple
  • lathe in plaster
  • flooring or attic insulation

When the Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) are disturbed (through demolition of drywall joint compound, working in the attic, etc.), the asbestos particles become airborne, which could then become embedded in the back part of your lungs… becoming impossible to remove. If not disposed of properly, those harmful asbestos fibres may contaminate an entire house and put everyone at risk.

We adhere to very strict industry and Alberta Government standards during the asbestos removal/remediation process.

We offer competitive pricing for remediation of vermiculite and other asbestos-containing materials (ACM) from your home. Beyond Foam uses HEPA rated vacuum suction machines to provide a cleaner, safer way to remove vermiculite from your attic. Our asbestos removal team will set up proper containment and testing before, during, and after the asbestos remediation process.

Vermiculite Attic Insulated

Testing for asbestos

Beyond Foam uses third-party testing to ensure accurate test results for our customers. A qualified asbestos testing lab is very important, as they measure the amount of asbestos fibres in the air before any work begins. The Alberta Government requires proof that the air is better after asbestos remediation. After initial asbestos testing, containment of the work area is set up along with air scrubbers and negative pressure containment. During the asbestos removal process, an occupational air sample test is also required to ensure that proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn by our asbestos remediators.

How much does asbestos testing cost?

The cost for asbestos testing is $300 and up, depending on how many samples are taken, and which type of asbestos testing is required. For regular building materials, we take one litre of material. We charge $300 to $350 for three regular asbestos test samples, and we charge $800 for unlimited asbestos test samples. If the material to be tested is vermiculite (old attic insulation that looks like rabbit food), a different test called a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) test is used. It is best to assume that vermiculite contains asbestos, and should be treated as such.

Asbestos Removal

Before asbestos abatement Asbestos Remediation Calgary, we are required to classify the risk level and safety precautions required as per the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual (AAAM). This classification is based on the report from the asbestos testing lab. The job or risk factors could be labelled low, moderate or high based on the amount of asbestos in the material, and where the material is located.

All remediated materials are removed and taken to an approved disposal facility. During the asbestos removal process for moderate or high-risk jobs, air testing is completed in both the dirty and clean stages of the decontamination set up, to ensure that there is no fibre migration through the decontamination process.


After asbestos removal, we spray the area with a product called “Fiberlock” which encapsulates all fibre and dust particles within the asbestos remediation area. This removes all dust from the work area. A final air clearance test is taken to ensure the air is at the minimum, better than the pre-work sample.

*We have never failed a post-treatment air clearance test.

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Beyond Foam uses the only HEPA rated vacuum suction removal machine in Southern Alberta to remediate vermiculite safely and efficiently without having to bag all the product in the attic. This process causes less airborne product to be released compared to a bagging method.
This process allows us to classify vermiculite remediation as moderate risk.

Asbestos Removal Questions

How do I know if there is asbestos in my house?

Building materials can be tested for asbestos by taking samples in sealed bags to a laboratory to get analyzed. For safety reasons, samples should only be collected by a professional asbestos removal technician.

Can I remove asbestos myself?

No, it is not safe for you to remove asbestos yourself.

Asbestos is very dangerous, and safety regulations must be followed. Whenever we complete any asbestos abatement work, we notify the Alberta Government and are issued a Notification of Project (NOP) letter. This is to ensure that we are following the Workplace Health and Safety Compliance (WHS) requirements. If a homeowner decides to remove asbestos themselves, they are likely endangering themselves, other occupants in the house, waste collectors, and sanitation workers at landfill sites.

How much does it cost to remove asbestos in Calgary?

It’s always best to get a quote at your house by trained asbestos removal professionals. All asbestos removal quotes are free (*asbestos testing is not free). For asbestos in attic insulation, the cost ranges from about $8/sq ft. to $14/sq ft. to completely remove the asbestos.

How much asbestos does it take to cause cancer?

It is never good to expose yourself to harmful and hazardous materials in any amount. Certainly, the risk factors go up with higher concentrations, and the deeper embedded in the lungs the asbestos will come to rest. Perhaps the better question is why take the chance at all?

It’s never fun to think about dealing with hazardous materials in a home, or the potential health concerns. Hire trained asbestos removal professionals to safely and thoroughly remediate the area.

Have other questions about our services?

We’re always here to help you with your next project. Visit our FAQ’s page to learn more, or get in touch with us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

Asbestos removal – Calgary & Area – Asbestos Remediation
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Residential & Commercial Asbestos Removal
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Calgary & Area – Free Asbestos Removal Quotes

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Author: Kevin Boschee