Beyond lifting was formed as an expansion division of the Beyond Group of companies. Beyond Foam Insulation and its’ group was already using polyurethane foams to insulate, sound proof and provide fire proofing in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It was a natural next step for lifting/levelling concrete slabs, and for soil stabilization by deep foam injection. Whether it be as small as a walkway or a large warehouse floor, no job is too large or too small.

More recently the expansion has continued with the addition of Fillfoam. Fillfoam is a void/space filling foam used for filling void spaces whether man made or created by mother nature, while minimizing the impact on the local surroundings and the environment. Although widely used in Europe and the US this system is the first of its kind in Alberta and only the second system to be used in Canada.

The Beyond Group of companies has a proven track record in the Calgary area for installing a variety of foam products in a number of different applications and we are rapidly expanding out into rural areas of southern Alberta. We are leaders in the fields of Spray Foam Insulation, Spray Applied Roofing Systems, Sound Proofing and Fire Proofing and with the additions of concrete lifting, soil stabilization and void space filling using foam. We are considered a cutting-edge company in the industry.

The services offered by Beyond Lifting provide cost effective lifting, soil stabilization and void space filling solutions, which are second to none in the industry.

The service begins with a site visit by one of our highly experienced estimators to review the site conditions, take measurements and note any special requirements or circumstances, this information is then used to generate a quote for the work to be completed, once the quote is accepted by you and a scheduled date is agreed upon the real work begins, our certified foam injection installers or trained Fillfoam installers will show up at your location as scheduled, the site is prepped, which includes marking out and drilling holes into the existing concrete through which either the Polyurethane or Fillfoam will be injected, the concrete slab and work area are monitored during the injection process to ensure quality installation and once the agreed to goals are achieved the site is cleaned up and the holes plugged with a mortar mix to prevent ingress of moisture. An additional benefit of using foam to insulate and seal or fill voids is that it also works as a deterrent to insects, vermin and other critters from occupying those spaces.


Q       What are the savings by using foam Vs other solutions?

A       Foam is estimated to be 60-80% cheaper than replacing the concrete.


Q       Why use foam over “Mud Jacking”?

A        There are multiple reasons to choose foam over mud jacking, foam is less expensive, foam is more environmentally friendly, using foam is less invasive and the work can be completed in less time and with less clean up required which also reduces down time.


Q        Can foam be applied under my heated pad?

A        Yes, the pad is scanned with a thermal camera prior to drilling holes and all heated lines are identified to ensure adequate clearances are maintained during the drilling and injection process.

Author: Kevin Boschee